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How do I keep my tufting machine running smoothly?

Where to oil your machineLow pile machines (AK-I, AK-II, ZQ-II)It's important to oil at least monthly, but more based on use. You can't over oil it so don't be shy.Focus on the square, white bearings at the top and bottom of the machine. Add a couple

Why isn’t my AK-I Cut-Pile, DUO or KRD machine cutting?

This is usually due to one of three things: 1)The yarn you're using is too soft. All of the tufting machines prefer courser yarns. 2) The machine has been adjusted too much, so the scissors aren't working. To test (with machine off) rotate the white

My machine won't turn off!

This is usually one of two things.  It can be too much pressure being put on the trigger and can be fixed easily. To solve this issue simply unscrew the top screw of the handle by a tiny amount. This should release the pressure and allow the trigger

My machine is making a high-pitched sound!

The issue can most likely be fixed by oiling the moving parts of the machine. Focus on the square, white bearings at the top and bottom of the machine. Add a couple of drops of general sewing machine oil on both sides of the bearing and turn the mach

How do I return my machine to its factory setting?

The two low-pile machines must be in perfect harmony to tuft properly. The top and bottom movements of the machines should be synchronized so they needle and nozzle push the cloth open to create a tuft. Even a few millimeters out of sync can cause is

The white gear on my cut-pile machine is stuck. How can I fix it?

There are a few things that could prevent the white gear from performing a smooth rotation.*These directions are for AK-I cut pile only. We do not offer support for ZQ-II machines at this time.1. A previous adjustment is causing the bottom or top bar

Why is my machine cutting the cloth? How should I fix this rip?

First let's talk about why a rip or hole happens.Poor tufting cloth. If you're using inferior cloth this can happen very easily. Cloth not stretched enough. Make sure the cloth is stretched as tightly as possibleOverworking an area. Spending too much

Why won’t the yarn stay in the cloth?

If the yarn doesn't stay or "stick" in the cloth here are some tips: 1. Push harder. Beginners rarely push hard enough. The foot of the machine should stay in contact with the cloth at all times. 2. Make sure you are tufting in the right direction. S

Why is my tufting cloth coming through on the front of my rug?

It looks like your machine is cutting the cloth, or tufting little bits of it into your rug. You can always pull these strands out before you glue, but that doesn’t solve the underlying issue!. There are two main reasons this might be happening:. Thi