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Getting Started

Why should I buy from Tuft the World?

Tuft the World is proud to provide extensive after sales support to all of our customers.  Some examples of our unique customer service offerings:.

What do I need to start tufting? A quick overview.

Tufting Machine. There are several models of tufting machines to choose from, depending on your skill level and preference, but generally machines fall into one of two categories: low-pile and high-pile. For beginning tufters, we recommend the DUO, o

How to set up a Tuft the World Instant Tufting Frame

Learn how to set up your Tufting Frame in this easy video tutorial by Tuft the World founder Tim Eads. The following instructions are included with the purchase of a Tuft the World Tufting Frame or Kit. 1. Lay wooden pieces on their edges in the shap

How can I build my own frame?

Creating your own tufting frame is a cost-efficient option for tufters looking for a larger or custom-sized frame. Check out this video for a quick visual on the process! In addition to the following materials, available at most hardware stores, you’

Do I have to tuft on Primary Tufting Cloth, or can I use something else?

The specific size and sharpness of a tufting machine needle requires tufting into specifically designed fabrics, like the Primary Tufting Cloths we sell. Monk’s cloth, which is generally used for punch-needle rug making, and Burlap or Hessian are als

What’s the best way to attach my cloth to the frame?

Carpet tack strips are by far the best method to attach tufting cloth to the frame. Carpet tack comes pre-attached to our Tuft the World Instant Tufting Frame. If you are building your own frame, you’ll need to cut tack strips to length, then securel

Quick Start Video

Check out this video to see how to feed and thread your AK-I Cut-Pile or AK-II Loop-Pile Tufting Machine, and other tufting basics. Looking for a more in-depth intro? We offer an online workshop and in-person workshops across the U.S.

Do I need a special adapter or plug to use my tufting machine?

Tuft the World’s AK-I, AK-II, and AK-III tufting machines come with an AC/DC adapter, which converts up to 240 volts of AC (alternating current) power to 30 volts DC (direct current) power. Adapters have a Type A plug compatible with household electr

Safety Precautions While Tufting

Just like many other art mediums, tufting has side effects that can impact your health.

How do I attach (or remove) my tufting machine handle?