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Why should I buy from Tuft the World?Updated 7 months ago

Tuft the World is proud to provide extensive after sales support to all of our customers.  Some examples of our unique customer service offerings:

  • We have a committed team of customer service agents, available from 9-5pm M, T, Th and F to respond to your tufting questions of any size!  Ask us about your order’s status, our products, workshops, or how much yarn you need for your next rug.  We’re here to help!  Please note that Tuft the World is closed on Wednesdays, we appreciate your understanding.
  • Having an issue with your machine?  Tuft the World customers receive support throughout the life of their machine; we offer a 1 year warranty on machines with manufacturer defects.  You are also eligible to receive quick and free support with us online via our chat or support email; if it’s determined that the repair is too extensive to be done at home, send your machine back to us for a reasonable repair fee.  Tuft the World also sells all spare parts that might be needed for an at home repair.  If you have the service warranty, enjoy 12 months of unlimited repairs and complimentary shipping (please see warranty details as domestic and international shipment coverage vary). 
  • Tuft the World customers enjoy access to our thorough how-to vimeo showcases, available for each of our machines, and receive the password with their order.  Take advantage of these videos to learn your way around the machine and gain confidence with at home troubleshooting.   
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