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High-Pile Machines

What is a high-pile machine?

A high-pile tufting machine, like the AK-III, is great for making shaggier rugs, since it can tuft piles in a range of heights up to 60mm. High-pile machines are pneumatic, meaning they use both electricity and compressed air to operate, so if you ch

What kind of air compressor and fittings do I need?

The AK-III high-pile tufting machine is both electric and pneumatic, meaning it must plug into the wall and connect to an air compressor to operate. The machine features a short hose for easy connectivity to an air compressor. Selecting an air compre

Why isn’t my AK-III cutting!?

AK-III tufting machines use a knife, not scissors, to cut yarn. The speed with which your knife will dull depends on how frequently you use your machine, and what kind of yarn you're using. If yarn starts to jam behind the blade, or isn’t making clea