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Comparison Chart and Video

Tufting Machine ModelAK-IAK-IIKRD-IAK-IIIPile types createdCutLoopCut and LoopCut and LoopEase of useVery easyVery easyMediumMedium to difficultPile height ranges.275" - .70" (7-18mm).157" - .55" (4-13mm)Cut: .35 - .70" (9 - 18mm)Loop: .24 - .47" (6

What is the difference between cut, loop, low, and high-piles?

The pile of a rug refers to the raised surface of fibers, consisting of upright strands or loops of yarn. Cut-pile rugs feature a dense pile that exposes the end of the fibers. This is achieved with a cut-pile tufting machine, like the AK-I, which au