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Finishing Tufted Pieces

Shaping and Carving your Rug

This is an optional step that is specific to cut-pile tufted pieces. Some tufters prefer to even out the pile of their whole piece, for an extra-clean look, while others prefer to use trimming, rounding, and shaping techniques to create varied textur

How do I finish my tufted piece?

Because tufting relies on strands of yarn staying in place in a piece of cloth, finishing (or glueing and protecting the back of your project) is an essential part of creating a finished product.  There is no one way to finish a tufted piece. How you

What type of adhesive and backing should I use for my tufted piece?

The chart below gives recommendations for adhesives and backing cloths based on the use or presentation of your finished piece. Tuft the World has used and tested these products internally, though bear in mind that many of them are only available in

Should I have my rug professionally finished?

If you’re making a rug intended for floor use, you might opt to have it professionally finished, since this will extend the lifetime of your piece and make for a polished final look. Many rug and carpet repair services offer rug-finishing, including

How should I clean my finished tufted piece?

The general rule is anything that has an adhesive will work. This can include latex paint, matte medium, Elmer's glue, PVA glue, carpet adhesive, or mask latex. Each project your working on might use a different glue. I break my projects into 3 categ

How do I price my rug?

The first option is a common pricing method for handmade items, which is to add up the cost of your materials, plus an hourly labor rate, to give you the total cost to make the rug (you can think of this as the wholesale price). You choose your hourl