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What kind of yarn should I tuft with?

Our tufting machines can handle a wide variety of yarn types and weights, depending on the texture and look you're going for. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a yarn type and size: Is your tufted piece intended as a wall hanging, or as a flo

How to feed your yarn

In order to properly tuft, a “yarn feeder” is essential to feeding your tufting machine. Yarn feeders generally rest off to the side of your tufting frame, often as an addition to the frame itself. A wooden dowel keeps your yarn cone stable, while a

How much yarn do I need to tuft a rug?

The amount of yarn needed to create a rug depends on the size of your project, how close together your tufted lines are, how tight the tufted strands are, and the height of the pile.  For example, if you’re feeding two strands of yarn into an AK-I cu