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How do I thread my low-pile machine?Updated 2 years ago

Tuft the World tufting machines are threaded with a yarn threader. You can easily make one at home by bending a large paperclip with pliers until it makes a straight wire, then bending one end into a thin hook-shape. 

AK-I Cut-Pile Tufting Machine

This machine has a needle hole in a flat pointed tip. Watch this quick video on how to thread the AK-I Cut-pile. 

AK-II Loop-Pile Tufting Machine

Threading this machine is a little trickier. Once you’ve fed the yarn through the guide hole on the top of the machine, push the hooked end of your threader into the arched tunnel, entering from the point. Grab the end of the yarn with your threader-hook, then pull yarn through the tunnel until it’s fed through the point, as in the picture below. Check out the video above for a more detailed demo. 

KRD-I Cut- and Loop-Pile Tufting Machine 

This machine has a similar needle head to the AK-I cut pile, even when in loop-pile setting. Watch this quick video on how to thread a KRD-I.

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